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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well here I am again...its funny actually when you post a blog you find yourself living your life in blog...if that makes sense. Everywhere I went today I imagined what it would look like written in my blog. Weird huh? Last night I went on a bus ride with my host Mother, she showed me where the girls will be taking english classes. The city is really beautiful, so much architecture. Everyone here always seems so lovely and happy. The old ladies walk around in groups all over town, always dressed to impress; and have enormous smiles on their faces. They meet for coffee or lunch, then board the metro or bus and kiss each other good bye, until tomorrow. I'm sure they have known each other for years, and feel like sisters. I don't see this as much in the States. I think we worry too much and we work too hard, we waste precious moments with friends in order to just make that extra dollar. For what? I wish more people would simply slow down and stop caring about their financial situations all the time. People live longer in Europe, there are statistics to prove it, my guess is that they have less worries. They learn to live life to the fullest, with the bare minimum.

This morning I woke up and set out to explore Madrid. I walked down to the Metro (Barrio del Pilar) and rode until I got to Sol. It was like a whole different world. My Barrio is so calm, Sol was crazy and beautiful. The Plaza Mayor is the top destination in this area, where I was headed. It took me a while to get there, I got completely lost. The thing with Madrid is that the streets run into smaller side streets, so you don't know where to turn. So I must have walked up and down the same street 10 times looking for the Plaza. I was sure I would see it, I thought it would be right there in front of me somewhere. But I ventured into these side streets and finally realized this was the way to my destination. Plaza Mayor is something you can not miss. IT IS HUGE!!! A big giant cobblestone open air square. Where they used to hold bullfights and other festivals. Now it is filled with people and caf├ęs. It was amazing. I walked around 3 times reading every menu trying to find the best place for a light lunch. I found a cute little place and bought a bocadillo (small baguette with cheese inside) and a Coke. I never ever drink soda, but for some reason I've already consumed three cans since I got here. Its really refreshing in this heat!

After my light lunch I walked for a while. I love all the little shops, I ran into TopShop, a boutique owned by Kate Moss. It was really neat, the clothes were great and pretty cheap. Today was extremely hot. Everyone was sweating...well everyone sweats period. I don't think I would like to have a boyfriend here, its too hot to hold hands! Everyone walks around fanning themselves with whatever they have...paper, subway tickets, money...anything that works as a fan! I decided to head home around 3:30 pm, but I ran into some trouble at the Metro. They had closed my line home due to an accident, we still have not heard what happened. There were fire fighters and medics everywhere. I had to take several different metros in order to finally reach mine. Linea nueve, Barrio del Pilar. I got home safe and took a short nap before taking the girls to British School.

Public transportation is incredible here. Extremely clean. I'm thinking of moving into the Metro because its nice and air conditioned (haha). We took the bus to the British School, it must have been rush hour or perhaps people were returning to work after was packed! I dropped the girls off and went to Museo Sorolla. Sorolla was a painter, and they turned his house into a museum. It was incredible. When you first walk through the gates there is this incredible garden. You would not even know that the busy Madrid streets are right outside. I toured the house which was so amazing, its crazy to stand inside a home built in the 1800's. The walls were all marble, and his paintings were beautiful. Giant canvases painted with oils. He loved painting his family, especially at the beach. He was a painter of light, and love. After touring the house I sat in the garden and read a little, it was only 7pm and the girls get out of school at 8:30. After reading and almost falling asleep I walked out to the street and found a perfectly located bench and just people watched for a long time. Its one of my favorite things to do here. One thing I have noticed are the shoes. Madrid has amazing shoes. No one wears flip flops, always nice leather sandals or high heels. I now always look down at peoples' shoes!

This blog is getting really long, so I just have one more thing to cover. People keep staring at me!!!!! In the metro I would sit for a while and then look up and everyone would quickly look away. So I got home and asked my host family why I was such an attraction. Well apparently everyone has brown eyes here. They say my eyes are incredible, and they even can't seem to stop looking! So I guess thats it? My eyes! The men here are very polite, I thought I would run into trouble. They are nice and call me Guapa...but they don't whistle or act like some men I have seen in other places. Well I just had dinner...they seem to have seafood with everything!! Spinach with shrimp, rice with tuna, potatoes with fish...!!!


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