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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its almost 7pm here and I just took my first venture around. I walked three blocks from my Piso (flat) to a shopping center that has about 350 stores...yep...right up the street! Last night I slept well, I actually didn't feel hot at all. But this morning the heat woke me up! I woke up and met Maribell, the girls' nanny. Shes a very strict Madrileña...shoving food in my face telling me I must eat...haha! I lounged around and took 2 showers (it helps with the heat) and went back to sleep. I guess I'm still not used to the time here. When I woke up the girls were home from school. Sara (the youngest) has a bug bite on her leg...why am I telling you this? Well...

I think Europe is way smarter than the US with their healthcare. They believe in preventative medicine. Sara went to the doctor (for free) got prescriptions (for free) and now knows that her bite will not get worse. In America we would "watch" the bite for several days and pray that it got better because we did not want to pay that ridiculous amount of money to see a doctor and then to have to get a please bite get better!!! I believe that we all deserve free healthcare...I've seen people writing offensive sayings about Obama with his ideas of healthcare. Well screw you if you feel this way. Its truly ridiculous. We wouldn't have so many sick people if they knew the second they started feeling bad they could easily get medical attention...

On a lighter note...I had a pleasant walk around. Everyone stares at me, they think I'm German. I've already been spoken to in German several So I saw several things today...first of all they have a lot of zapaterias (shoe stores) and I was peering in the window and noticed a strange thing. When you try on a shoe here they make you put on a plastic bag over your foot and then try the shoe on. Germ preventative I suppose...but very awkward. I will have to try on some shoes and take a picture so you believe me. The fashions in Madrid are craaazzyyy. Everyone is so colorful. I saw a Starbucks Coffee today...apparently they are very expensive and tres chic here! I took some pictures and I will post them very soon.

The craziest thing happened today...which makes me believe that some people come into your life for a reason. I was walking into El Corte Ingles...a famous department store...and guess who I saw?! I ran into the lady from the plane...she works there! It was truly amazing! We spoke for a while and she made me feel more comfortable here. She gave me her number and told me I could call her if I needed anything. How wonderful!

Last night we went out to eat at this little restaurant. I was not keeping track of time but we at at 11pm! They say Madrileños are known for living off little sleep. The girls went to bed when we got home and woke up around 7am. No thank you! Well my host mother is on her way home to show me the metro station! I'll post later...and try to upload pictures!

un beso

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  1. ¡Galletita! I'm so glad you are posting what you are learning as new and different. No doubt that Europe is so much different than USA. But learning those things will really enrich you...There are many things I could tell you about the SEGURIDAD SOCIAL in Spain (mail apart not here...but in general I do have more positive than negative things to say) Drink lots of liquids and cover your shoulders from direct sun...Keep always with you some candy or sugar. Ah! Another thing...You'll find differences in Madrid from the rest of Spain. Each region has its particular way of living, although there are many things in common. Keep going Galletita...Love you.. Tu Tía Anita