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Monday, June 15, 2009

Here I am..Madrid, has been a hectic day. I arrived at Charlotte Douglas Airport at 3pm and left for Munich at 5:25pm...eight hours later I arrived in Munich dead tired. Waited 3 hours in the Munich airport and boarded a plane for Madrid. After 2 and a half more hours on another place I finally reached my destination.

I met some great people along the way. My first flight I met a guy about my age traveling to Prague. We bonded at the airport when we both noticed our mothers crying as we approached the gate. He was a really nice guy...but I never even asked his name. On the plane I sat with a mother and her two daughters...they were connecting to Warsaw to spend their summer with their grandmother. Everyone was super nice on the plane. I watched several movies...He's Just Not that into you..confessions of a shopaholic...bedtime stories...and also took a look at Lufthansa was really neat. I got extremely bored on the plane...especially when they turned off all the lights and I was not tired at all!
Munich was very interesting. The airport was amazing. They had 150 shops and everything looked so futuristic. However it was truly eye opening in the way that everyone was trying to talk to me in German. You realize how important languages are. After attempting to sleep at the terminal for my 3 hour layover I finally boarded the flight to Madrid. On there I met two really nice MadrileƱos and spoke the entire ride. Finally after a terrible landing...I got my bags and met with host dad.

I love my host family. They are wonderful people and are making me feel at home. Their daughters Maria and Sara are adorable and are already obsessed with me. The worst part about Madrid so far= HEAT. It is sooo hot here!! And nobody has air conditioning. I must have drank at least 6 bottles of water...and still feel a little faint!

I went to the supermarket they love their seafood and chorizo. The butcher shops are incredible. Not my type of food, but they are obsessed with it here. My host family (I shit you not) has a leg of ham, like a legit leg right off the pig, just sitting in their kitchen. I thought it was a piece of a tree or something when I first saw it.

Well its really late and I'm jet lagged, but I'll post soon.

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