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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday June 14... 2:39 AM

Well here I am...sitting in my room packing the last few items that I "need" for Spain. Packing for an entire month is a lot harder than it may seem. Even more so when you have NO idea what you will be doing. Today I leave for Madrid...I will fly into Munich and then connect into Madrid 3 hours later. If I'm able to find an outlet (and figure out my converter) I'll try to post in Munich. I can not explain what I'm feeling right now, its like an excitement/anxious/nervous/crazy feeling. Call me crazy but I'm really going to miss Cohen. You realize that you can converse with family members and friends while abroad, but not dogs : (. He will be spoiled if I run into any pet stores in Madrid!

Well my plan is as follows...
I have been matched with a family in Madrid through a program called Interexchange. I will be living with them for a month and teaching them 15 hours of english every week. I'm super excited! They have two little girls, one is 12 and one is 10. They seem adorable and I know they will feel like my little sisters. So once I'm done with teaching I have free time to do anything and everything. I plan to explore every part of Madrid!

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