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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

RIP Ellie Potvin

Its seems entirely confusing to me how life just goes on. People die, people get sick, but around them everything goes as planned. People move on, somehow they're supposed to just keep going. Carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, without skipping a beat. I am completely baffled with this life. How I can be perfectly healthy, while an 8 year old struggles on her deathbed with cancer. I have no idea how a family can bear this pain. I know when those we love are sick we only want their pain to go away, but the thought of them leaving us is too hard to deal with. I've been following the story of an 8 year old angel here in Charlotte. Ellie Potvin struggled with cancer for two years. She died about thirty minutes ago. I sat in my bed last night and cried for her family. Nobody should ever have to go through what the Potvin's have gone through. I sit here in my office and find it incredibly irritating that while the Potvin's are dealing with their loss, others simply go on with life and worry about things that do not matter. Too may of us have no idea how incredibly hard life can be, how your life can change in an instant. Too many of us stress the small stuff, instead of realizing that we're healthy, that we have a family that loves us, and that we have it a lot better than so many others on this earth. We struggle to get that promotion or make that extra amount of money, but that will mean nothing when we are gone. There's a quote, "Its not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived". I think a lot of us need to realize this. When we leave this earth no one will care what's in your bank account, they will not ask what kind of car you drove or the square footage of your house. They will remember you for what you did to help others, and how you've inspired those around you. Today is an extremely sad day, but I know that Ellie has inspired millions. Her story will live on forever, she will teach us what truly matters in life. We'll think of her strength and her smile, and her love. We'll share her story with others, and remind ourselves that no amount of money could ever buy us health, or love, or happiness. Its time to get our priorities in order. RIP Ellie Potvin.

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  1. Just came across this post in the blogosphere, and I completely agree with you. It's so interesting, the impact this little girl has had on me, and I never was able to meet her. I have followed Amy's twitter and caringbridge entries over the past few months, basically as a bystander witnessing the hell this poor family and sweet girl has been through, almost finding out "real time" when she has been in pain, or gotten a bad test result. I, too, sobbed last night in bed, and spent all day today with the heaviest of hearts. When I took my dogs for a walk tonight, I definitely stopped to smell the flowers. Life is so unpredictable. Live in the moment. RIP Ellie.